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Oriental Arts Brighton

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We would like to welcome you to the friendly atmosphere of our colourful store. We are based in the eclectic Kemp Town area here within the vibrant City of Brighton & Hove, UK.

We can offer you expert advice on Oriental Art, its cultural roots, traditions and historical significance. Our knowledge is based on many years of experience both in China and in the UK. We can recommend local teachers of Chinese brush-paintings, for a more information, please see FAQ section.

We carry a large stock of exclusive oriental gifts, ornaments, figurinesFeng Shui items, art materials, reference books for Chinese paintings & calligraphy books, tattoo reference books, prints, and original modern paintings from China and the Far East.

As specialists in Chinese art, we carry an extensive range of traditional artists’ painting tools such as XuanbrushesChinese ink, colours, and material associated with Chinese brush paintings.

For recreational purposes, we stock a large selection of Chinese games that include beautiful sets of Mah Jong and Chinese Chess (wooden pieces)in a variety of sizes, and the ancient game of ‘Go‘ popular in both Japan and in China.