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Happy Buddha statues with fan


Reclining Buddha offering a ingot and holding a fan. On top of the fan has written “never ending wealth”

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Fat-belly Buddha (Mei-lo Fo) known as Budai,  has no historical records relating to this Buddha in both China and India. Some said he was latest appearances of Maitreya Buddha (one yet to come) who reigns in the Tusita Heaven; he is of noble and ascetic appearance, and he looks with unfathomable eyes into an eternal future in which the world has been redeemed. Towards the end of the first millennium AD, Maitreya Buddha made appearance as the laughing ‘Fat-belly Buddha’. In Song Dynasty (960-1280) he became one of the most popular Gods in East Asia. As a rule he is shown in a sitting posture a corpulent man with a bare chest, holding a sack, Rosary and always laughing. Often he is surrounded by children. Nowadays, the number of children or objects his holding is according to the customers’ request. The fan is symbolised to drive away evil and revives the dead. Occasionally is symbolised the rank of an official from the heaven.

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